Vegan Substitutes

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We’ve been just over 2 months vegan now and whilst we were finding it relatively easy anyway, we’ve stumbled along a number of substitutes along the way that I think would help even a big meat-eater to convert!


Firstly we’ve been using ‘Pure’ as a substitute butter since we started, it’s great, really can’t tell the difference, we have cooked with it, baked with it and just used it on bread etc.. Definitely one of the easiest substitutes we have made, tastes no different to it’s animal-product relative!



Vegan-mayonnaise is something we have tried for the first time today.  Firstly, we had the best vegan burger ever from Cafe Atma … which inspired us to pop to Simply V and buy some  vegan-mayo (the burger was made from seitan…very good, pretty sure it would pass a blind taste-test with meat!).  We bought two varieties of the mayo, garlic and regular (they also have chipolte flavour).  We had the vegan-mayo with our food this evening and I genuinely couldn’t tell any difference from regular mayo…I feel like I’m new enough to this vegan-thing to qualify that statement…I used to looooove non-vegan mayo!



Next up is vegan cheese – this has been a mixed experience for me!  Just like most people…I looooove cheese!  So this is one of the hardest things about ‘going vegan’.  I’ve tried a few with little luck.  The most recent two are ‘sheese’  from Beanfreaks …I tried this melted on tomatoes…it wasn’t nice at all.  So after finding out the source of the Vegan Pizza Co’s cheese we popped to Simply V’s and picked up Wilmersburger Pizzaschmelz (coconut-oil based) and topped some vegan pizzas with it…it really did taste good! I don’t think it quite equates to regular cheese but is very impressive and doesn’t taste as you would expect vegan cheese to taste!  Simply V do a number of different cheeses including nut-cheeses which are supposed to be equivalent to cheeses you would have on a cheese board, we’ve not tried these yet but will do, so watch this space!




Tofurky!! So I guess we couldn’t really claim ‘vegan’ without trying the infamous ‘Tofurky’.  We tried spinach and pesto Tofurky sausages….they were really good, a tiny-bit more dry than regular sausages, but super-tasty….and waaaay more healthy…so win-win here.


Finally, not really a substitute, but we have found ourselves in Clancy’s in Cardiff Market twice this weekend.  I feel like this is a hidden gem – they have pakora’s, bahji’s, pies, pasties and more that are all vegan…the food is incredible, really worth trying if you are in Cardiff Market anytime soon!

So whilst you don’t need ‘fake’ animal products to be vegan, if you are struggling to know what to eat, it’s definitely a brilliant, tasty and healthy substitute!

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