Vegan Cooking (Indian, Cheesecake & Sushi)


As mentioned in my previous post we had a number of cook books and magazines for Christmas so thought we would try out a few new recipes.

Firstly we made some Thai Chickpea Burgers and Tindori & Green Mango Curry from our ‘200 Vegan Recipes‘ book (pages 86 and 132).  There were a few unusual ingredients that we hadn’t cooked with before including Tindori, but we managed to source these more unusual items from a number of places including Clare Foods and Clancy’s.  Another breakthrough we had by going to Clare Foods was we found LOADS of types of naan breads without milk in them!  I have mentioned in previous blog posts how impossible I was finding it to buy naan breads without milk, so this was a big win! I don’t see why milk gets put in them, they taste exactly the same without it.  The curry was topped with raw red onion and mango – which is a surprisingly amazing combination of foods, whoever thought that one up is a genius!


Secondly we thought we would try a vegan cheesecake.  We took a recipe from ‘Vegan Food & Living‘ Magazine (page 113) and slightly adjusted it (we bought raspberries instead of blackberries and couldn’t get hold of blueberry powder – oops).  The base has almonds, cocoa powder, dates, vanilla and lacuma powder in it and the white layer is made of cashews and coconut oil – yum!  It was also really quick to make – no cooking just a quick blend and then an hour in the freezer.


We also made some sushi, not a new thing for us as we do this quite often, but thought I would share since we had a sushi knife for Christmas and also bought a panda rice-shaper!  Simple ingredients of cucumber, mango and avocado.



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