About Us

A Bit About Us….

We have recently decided to take the plunge and ‘go vegan’ as a month-long trial, after being inspired and shocked by the documentary ‘Cowspiracy’ on Netflix.

I’m Julie and as I type this, I’m a meat-eating, cheese & fish lover! So the choice to ‘go vegan’ has been one of internal conflict for me. For me, the vegan dilemma is an ethical one, I eat very little meat in comparison to most of my friends and family but loooove fish, cheese, eggs and milk. The more aware I become about animal treatment in the food industry, the more morally hypocritical I feel. Over the last 12 months I have learnt a lot about the way food is produced, documentaries like Food Inc. and Vegucated have already had an impact on the amount and quality of meat I eat. However, since recently discovering more about how damaging agriculture is, the dilemma is about more than just animal-welfare.

My partner, Darren, has been a vegetarian for almost 11 years and also tried to ‘go vegan’ in the early days, but found it too difficult at the time. A lot has changed in the last 10 years, it’s not uncommon to have ‘special dietary requirements’ with gluten and lactose intolerance almost becoming the ‘norm’, so we are hoping that this time around will be considerably easier.

Surprisingly, living with a vegetarian has expanded the variety of food I eat and I consider us relatively well-educated when it comes to food. If you continue to read this blog, you will realise that I am not a particularly good writer, however we have decided to document our progress to share our experience, but also to keep the pressure on to complete the challenge. Do I intend to go vegan forever? I’m really not sure, but the next month should help me make that choice….

Rationale Behind the Decision

Save the World!

Ok, so I know we aren’t actually going to save the world, however after recently finding out how damaging agriculture is on our planet, this really is the core reason for our vegan-trial.  I would strongly recommend watching ‘Cowspiracy’, it literally blew my mind!

Animal Cruelty

I call myself an animal-lover and yet I eat animals and animal by-products.  Previously I thought that making good choices such as ‘free-range’ and ‘grass-fed’ were enough to appease my moral dilemma, but again, the more educated I become on the food industry the less viable of an excuse that is.

Expected Benefits

Being an Analyst by trade, I can’t help but think it will be important to have measurable benefits in place for this trial…

Save Money

If I hear one more person tell me it’s more expensive to not eat meat, I will shove a cauliflower up their arse!  I’m 100% convinced that life as a vegan will be cheaper!  It doesn’t mean shopping in expensive health-food shops, it will mean making a few substitutions to our weekly shop and cutting out meat.

Lose Weight

We are the type of people who are always on a diet! I am by no means treating this trial as a ‘diet’, but fail to see how this won’t have a positive impact on our weight.  We will track our weight and body measurements throughout this.

Feel better

We are suffering today from going to a German Beer Festival and stuffing our face with Mexican food yesterday!  Whilst this is not a very tangible benefit, I’m expecting to generally feel better for making good food choices.

Nutritionally Aware

I’m not sure if the results of this trial will mean we permanently change to a vegan lifestyle, however I do think it will make us more nutritionally aware of the foods we eat, and that is a benefit we will take away from this experience no matter what our final choice is.

The Last Meal….

So the night before mission ‘vegan for a month’ and I’m thinking about what I won’t be able to eat and how difficult this will be.  My internal dialogue flips from ‘this will be easy’ to ‘this will never last’.  The thought of never eating salmon sashimi again makes me think that this will be impossible to sustain as a permanent life-choice!

I’m anticipating that this is going to be a much harder month for me than it is for Darren, being vegetarian I feel like he’s already half-way there!  However, cheese, eggs and milk do make up a large part of our diet and are in way more foods than I’ve ever realised before.

With all that said, I’ve decided to go out on a rather un-glamourous cheese and egg sandwich followed by a bar of Dairy Milk ….it’s a guilty pleasure that I usually rely on for hangovers!


We are all prepped and have stocked our fridge for the first step in our vegan journey!  I’m afraid there is one member of the household that won’t be going vegan….Pixel, our Jungle Jaguar Carpet Python, I’m not sure he would approve of a tofu-rat!