1 Month Vegan Challenge – Day 7


One Week Progress…

So we are one week into our vegan challenge, and I’ve got to be honest, we’re not finding it that difficult.  We are yet to try the ‘eating out’ dilemma, but that’s because we have both been full up with cold all week, so hopefully can have a go at that next week.  I think that is the part that I will find most difficult as I do love eating out and hate paying for food that I don’t really want, which with limited menu options is something I might have to do.

Last night we re-watched Vegucated (Netflix – highly recommend it), they take 3 people from varying backgrounds and put them on a vegan diet for 6 weeks and educate them about the food industry.  It’s a really good watch and I can’t help but think we aren’t struggling half as much as they are at the start…which is a good sign.  It’s a very uncomfortable thing to watch in places though and half way through found myself thinking, there is no way I can go back from vegan now…but I’m not making any commitments yet!

One thing I haven’t mentioned in our daily food diaries is that because we have been ill and feeling sorry for ourselves, we have been stuffing our faces with crisps and dark chocolate on some evenings.  It would be very easy to have a non-healthy vegan diet too!


When you start looking into it, it’s surprising how much IS vegan that you already eat.  One thing I was massively disappointed with is, that Quorn is NOT vegan :( even as a meat-eater I really liked Quorn!  We did raid the Asda and Tesco freezer isle this weekend and found all these goodies (see below) that are vegan – this is great because sometimes you do just want something quick and convenient – that is where I thought the vegan diet would fall down…but clearly not!  There was a lot more than in the picture below – but we are only 2 people and have a tiny freezer!


I still haven’t really got to like soya milk in tea yet…I keep trying it but it sucks to be honest! As I type I am drinking instant coffee with hazelnut soya milk…and that’s great!

So our meals over the last few days have looked like this:-


  • Breakfast – Usual soya smoothie
  • Dinner – Hummus, beetroot and spinach sandwich
  • Tea – Mexican bean burger and sweet potato chips


  • Breakfast – Soya smoothie
  • Dinner – Hummus, beetroot and spinach sandwich with Tyrrells veg crisps
  • Tea – Linda McCartney Chickpea curry pie, mash potato and beans


  • Breakfast – Soya smoothie
  • Dinner – Curried carrot & lentil soup
  • Tea – we aren’t there yet… but the plan is to have mash, veg from our garden with one of the freezer goodies from the pic above!

I will get around to putting recipes up for some of the stuff we home-cook eventually!  Planning to make a cauliflower soup later today for use in the week.

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