1 Month Vegan Challenge – Day 4


Keep it Simple…

It feels like I have gone from happily ignorant, to seeing the issues around meat and animal produce everywhere!  Seriously, I’m not even looking for this stuff and it is jumping out at me everywhere.  Does make me wonder how easy I would even be able to go back to a non-vegan lifestyle at the end of this challenge.

Two articles that I have accidentally stumbled across in the last day:-

  1. People are going to extraordinary lengths to have meat without agriculture.  Whilst I don’t agree with the whole article (veggie burgers are actually really nice!) it’s good to see that some people are already seeing the issue that is coming and doing something constructive.
  2. On the flip-side this article discusses the increasing concern around the ever-growing volumes at which the Chinese eat meat and the lack of prevention in place to avoid the issues associated with this.

With articles like these everywhere, it does make me wonder how I ever managed to not-know about these issues.  I’m thinking it might be the baader-meinhof phenomenon, and actually just because it is an issue at the forefront of my mind.

Today’s food has been very much around the ‘keep it simple’ approach.  At first I thought that going vegan would mean I would massively have to change my eating habits, actually it’s refreshing to know that a lot of ‘classics’ and  my regular meals are already vegan.

  • Breakfast – usual soya milk fruit smoothie – no changes to the pre-vegan norm here!
  • Lunch – Hummus sandwich with beetroot and carrot – all ingredients I eat and love anyway
  • Tea – Beans on toast (using non-dairy spread)!! with a side of garlic mushroom and spinach (we had mushrooms to use up) – who doesn’t love this?!
  • Snacks – apple & nuts

20151014_175838 20151015_172337

There is nothing here that I wouldn’t eat normally – so maybe once you are over the mental aspect of thinking you are depriving yourself, it wouldn’t be so bad to be vegan?  It’s only day 4 so I guess time will tell on this one – at the moment it’s not feeling too difficult in all honesty.

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