1 Month Vegan Challenge – Day 3

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Vegans are ‘Lovely People’…

Tried my first soya-latte today. Was amazed how it didn’t really taste any different…probably due to how strong the coffee is, but either way I will chalk that up as an easy substitution that I can make going forward, even if I don’t choose to continue with vegan after this trial. I was delighted to find that my choice also made me a ‘lovely person’…


…so does this mean if I go back to eating dairy and fish I am no longer a ‘lovely person’?  Looking at the stats (from here) below makes me think that maybe that would be the case? 2.5million animals killed A DAY in the UK?  Not only that, we feed cattle enough food to meet the needs of 8.7 billion people (which is more than the number of humans even on the planet) yet 925 million people don’t have enough food to eat…how is that even even allowed?


One thing I’m struggling with when reading up about vegan-ism, is the activist side of it all. I hate being sold to and I hate people pushing their opinions on to me, so the thought of ever doing this myself is a definite no-no. However reading material around vegan-ism makes me feel like I wouldn’t be a ‘lovely person’ unless I did this side of it. I’m definitely open to sharing opinions and knowledge if someone asks for it, but being an ‘activist’ does not sit well with me. On the flip-side, if there hadn’t been an activist behind ‘Cowspiracy’ I wouldn’t be doing this challenge. So I seem to be getting more questions than answers from this challenge right now, but that’s ok I guess.

Today’s food:-

  • Breakfast – Soya milk fruit smoothie with chia seeds and flax seeds
  • Lunch – Hummus sandwich
  • Tea – Stir fry again (we had veg to use up from yesterday)
  • Snacks – Nuts, vegan cookie (that Darren made last night) and an apple

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