1 Month Vegan Challenge – Day 29


Pizza, Cake and Vegan Festivals!!

So we both came home from work today wanting to eat some pizza! We decided to make our own….it was a success – tasted amazing.  Also made our own garlic bread…nom! It was actually really quick too, it didn’t take any longer than throwing a pre-made one in the oven.






So as I mentioned in my last post I’m in a drizzle-off competition with my colleagues tomorrow to make the best lemon drizzle cake.  Obviously with mine being vegan I have a point to prove!  I’ve had two unsuccessful practice runs, but I’m feeling pretty confident about this one…it looks good – hope it tastes as good, unfortunately I won’t know until tomorrow!



I’ve started following a number of vegan people/companies on twitter and through that found out about a vegan street food pop-up market in Canton this weekend…so we’ve booked tickets for Friday.  Additionally one of my friends from work shared this vegan/vegetarian event at Waterloo Tea Gardens down the road from us for this weekend, so we’ve booked this too for Saturday.  We assumed as part of ‘go-vegan’ we would eat out less, but in fact we are eating out as much (if not more).  We are now being more adventurous with the places we go rather than going to the same places all the time, which has been great.

As a bit of a side note, we watched this YouTube video yesterday – definitely worth investing an hour of your time, especially if you eat meat!

So it’s the penultimate day of our 30 day challenge…the results are in tomorrow (including how well the vegan drizzle cake went down!!).

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