1 Month Vegan Challenge – Day 28


Suitable For Non-Vegans

Last night we had my Sister and her boyfriend over for food.  This was our first time cooking vegan food for non-vegans.  Whilst they were open minded to eating vegan they did make sure they ate a steak the night before to compensate for the no-meat evening they were about to have.  I find this quite bizarre that non-veggies struggle with the concept of going without meat for one meal.  Same as ‘meat-free Mondays’ I don’t understand how this is a significant thing to do, it’s just one day a week?

For starters I made beetroot hummus and Darren made guacamole both with fresh ingredients from our local veg shop – we just served this with tortilla chips.  If doing a vegan-challenge has taught me anything, it’s that home made dip is at least 100 times more tasty than shop-bought.  Even if I was to end up being the biggest cow-eater and milk-drinker on the planet after this challenge, I think I will still continue to make home-made dip!

Guacamole (this is a picture of the leftovers – it might not look appetizing but it tastes amazing!)



Beetroot hummus (excuse the container!)…20151108_094926


Awesome tasting fresh tomatoes from the local veg shop…


Main course was prepared completely by Darren – I can take no credit here – he made chickpea, mushroom and cashew nut curry with coconut rice and bombay potatoes.  We served this with poppadoms and mango chutney.  We had intended to accompany this with naan breads but were going to buy them rather than make them – unfortunately it seems that naan breads from the supermarket contain milk, and we didn’t have enough time to make them ourselves – with the amount of food we ended up having this wasn’t a problem though.  The main seemed to go down really well with our guests going back for seconds and us all being stuffed by the end of the meal.



Dessert was supposed to be my (second) practice run at a vegan lemon drizzle cake for a work competition…I’ve got to be honest it wasn’t great…but as Darren pointed out that has more to do with my cake-baking skills than the recipe.  My sister’s boyfriend actually really enjoyed it – but it was a bit ‘dense’ and moist for me.  I am hoping that it turns out better for the competition next week!


In terms of what we would usually make when they come around for food I don’t think it was wildly different, apart from the absence of milk and meat!  I’m not sure if they were expecting to just chew on a few leaves and be bombarded with facts about why they shouldn’t eat meat – but I hope their perception of vegan-ism has changed.  Vegans aren’t all skinny-hippies who bang on about food all the time.

Found this short youtube video yesterday – which talks about going vegan overnight, which is exactly what we have done (only on a 30 day trial as it stands).  It talks about the steps to take and that a ‘phased approach’ is not really required and is just an excuse for people who don’t really want to go vegan.  This article sums up quite nicely how in order to ‘go vegan’ and ‘stay vegan’ the reasons need to be ethical otherwise you are like to become an ‘ex-vegan’, and that makes sense to me.  If I were to do this as a health-trip then there is no way I could stick to it longer term.  However, the last 4 weeks have shown me that I think I can do it long-term as I’m finding I don’t really want to eat meat anymore – when you do something for health reasons alone you find that you do still ‘want’ what you are ‘depriving’ yourself from.  The education side of this journey has definitely been the possible turning point for me.  So we are 4 weeks in and officially 2 more days left of this challenge and I can’t see myself stopping on day 30….yet I’m not claiming ‘vegan’ just yet.  However, we did just contact Japan Airline this morning to ask for a vegan meal on our flight to Japan (which isn’t until next March) – this was easily accommodated!  Whilst this might seem like I’m signing up to the vegan way of life – I figure even if I’m not vegan, vegan food is suitable for non-vegans!



Update:  Bit off topic for today, but just watched this video on youtube – it’s an excellent talk about why we don’t need milk and why it is actually damaging that we do consume it!  Really is worth sticking with it and watching until the end.

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