1 Month Vegan Challenge – Day 21


Vegan Food Everywhere!

I’ve already been asked a few times since the start of the vegan challenge ‘so what do you eat?’. Well, it’s really quite simple, anything but animals and animal products – and that leaves really quite a lot of food!

Our local restaurant The Fig Tree has been running a vegetarian week, so we went down last night.  I can honestly say, it’s the best meal I’ve ever eaten, it was incredible and there were loads of vegan items on the menu.  We had…


Baked aubergine slices with olive & apricot cous-cous, sesame & lemon sauce with a pomegranate drizzle

Sticky rice tempura balls with mango & lychee salad & a sweet and sour plum sauce (apologies for the poor photo)

20151031_183053 (1)20151031_183046 (2)


Thai tamarind & tofu ‘burger’ with yam rosti, steamed bok choy, noodle slaw salad, peanut sauce & srirakha ketchup



Raw chocolate mousse with crunchy cornflake granola and avocado & lime cream … we were so into the food we totally forgot to take a picture of the dessert!!  But I can promise you it was amazing.

Food on the go…

On Friday afternoon I went to Cardiff indoor market and whilst browsing around saw that the Welsh Cake shop had vegan Welsh cakes so treated my colleagues to them in work.  The verdict being that they tasted really good and nobody could tell the difference to the non-vegan versions.


Earlier in the week, one of my friends mentioned that the Cardiff Riverside Market had some vegan pies, so we took a trip down there today and found some amazing stalls. Mr Nice Pie and The Parsnip Ship had vegetarian/vegan goodies, which we got a bit carried away with and bought most items!

Mushroom and nut roast that we scoffed on the go…


Beetroot bomb that also got devoured before we made it to the car!


These are the rest of the goodies we bought, these will keep for a week or are freezable…However I suspect they will get eaten within 7 days between us!

20151101_145543 (2)

When talking to the guy on the stall of Mr Nice Pie he mentioned there was a vegan fayre on in Penarth today too, which was right down the road from us, so we ended up there for lunch and made another local discovery with BJs Juice Bar.  Looking at the menu there are loads of vegan options and it’s so close to where we live.  Whilst at the fayre we had amazing Indian food for lunch, but we were so hungry forgot to take a picture!  The food came from Babita’s Spice Deli.  We followed it up with a juice and bit of cake, mine was blueberry and lemon cake and Darren had pecan and pumpkin. Our bursting stomachs wouldn’t let us try the vegan pizza’s that were there but they looked amazing too.


I’m now absolutely stuffed!! it’s been a pretty good weekend for vegan food.  I donated all my frozen fish to my Mother and Nan today too, which isn’t necessarily indicative of my decision re. permanent vegan-ism but does mean that I don’t think I will be eating meat again any time soon.

I’ve also just discovered that today is world vegan day…I didn’t realise that the 30 day challenge was a ‘thing’ it was something we had just decided to do, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is even slightly curious…it really is a lot easier than you would think, and there is really no down-side as far as I can tell!  5 things we’ve learnt about meat this year!


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