1 Month Vegan Challenge – Day 2


Vegan Learning…

So I didn’t intend to blog today, but have been reading-up on being a vegan and wanted to share.

I’m blown away to find out that even riding a bicycle isn’t technically vegan as in some cases the frames are lubricated at a steel mill with animal fat!  Additionally it’s a minefield trying to eat anything that is even slightly processed as ingredients such as lactic acid, diglycerides, glycerine and stearic acid can be produced from slaughterhouse fat orrr it could be vegan!  You will not necessarily know from the packaging.  In some cases even ‘vegan’ cheese have ‘casein’ in them which is a milk protein – it’s crazy, how can it be called a vegan cheese if it has milk product in it?!  It all seems so unnecessary, however I’m starting to realise that you have to be pragmatic with this stuff.  I’m going to have to make the best choices I can and be as vegan as possible (if that’s even a thing) otherwise the whole world is going to become off-limits!

….as I was literally about to publish this post, Darren has just come in ranting angrily that he has accidentally bought non-vegan crisps as he didn’t notice they had honey in them!  Very on topic for today’s post and luckily he realised they contained honey before he ate them.  I suppose this raises another question – if you have an animal product and you don’t eat it, is that worse?  The thought of animal products going to waste almost feels worse to me, I’m not sure what the answer is here, or even if there is one?

Whilst I’m writing might as well share what today’s meals have been:-

  • Breakfast – usual soya milk fruit smoothie with flax seeds and chia seeds
  • Lunch – leftovers from last nights chickpea and cashew nut curry
  • Snacks – nuts, banana, apple
  • Tea – stir fry (with home grown tomatoes – nom)

2015-10-13 18.57.56

Finding today quite a struggle as I’m full-up with a cold and just want to binge eat.  Which is difficult because I’m still in the stage where I really have to think about what I eat and what is ok.  Before any vegan-haters say it, I’m not ill because my diet has changed (not sure where that rumor even comes from?!) it’s a cold that’s been brewing since my alcohol-filled weekend, which was pre-vegan challenge.  So this is instead thanks to alcohol for the lowered immune system whilst hanging out with contagious people!!

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