1 Month Vegan Challenge – Day 18


It’s Not All About Animals and Environment!

We are just over 2.5 weeks into the challenge now and there are a few key things that we have noticed about the diet…

  1. We both have much more energy – where we used to be tired in the afternoons/evenings now we are wide awake and more focused.
  2. We have both lost about 2.5kg(approx 5.5lbs) in 2.5 weeks – whilst this isn’t a massive weightloss, it’s pretty good considering we have still been eating things like vegan chocolate, crisps and occasionally bread.  We really haven’t been watching calories or what we eat, we have just increased the amount of ‘good stuff’ in our diet and ate less processed foods and no meat/fish/dairy/eggs.
  3. My resting heart rate has plummeted!  I started this challenge with a resting heartbeat of 81bpm and I’m now down to 69bpm.  The drop from 81bpm to 71bpm happened in about a week too.

Screenshot_2015-10-28-22-44-25   Screenshot_2015-10-28-22-44-21 (1)

So for 2.5 weeks we are both pretty chuffed with the results, if you take the animal welfare and environmental issues away, from a health perspective alone this change in our diet has been a good thing.

Food we have eaten since the last post:-

  • Beans on toast again!
  • Quinoa with kidney beans, tinned tomatoes and a side of kale, mushrooms and onions.
  • Stir fry.
  • Pumpkin and coconut soup (homemade).
  • Roasted veg.
  • Juices! We have started having a veg juice with a lot of our meals too (homemade).

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