1 Month Vegan Challenge – Day 14


Every Day’s a School Day…

So I’ve been a bit rubbish at blogging this week, but I have been watching a lot of influential documentaries and series that I thought I would share.  I’m sure the people I work with are absolutely sick of me recommending them and banging on about their contents, so thought I would tell my blog instead.  All of the below are on Netflix:-

  1. Fed Up
  2. Food Matters
  3. Vegucated
  4. Food Inc.
  5. TED Talks – William Li: Can We Eat to Starve Cancer? (Defying Disease series)
  6. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
  7. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2
  8. Cowspiracy
  9. GMO OMG

I’m also reading ‘The Omnivores Dilemma’ by Michael Pollan and Darren is reading ‘Comfortably Unaware’ by Richard A. Oppenlander.

All of the above have different themes that essentially boil down to the same point – in order to stop disease, poor health etc, we need to have a good diet and we need to understand where our food has come from.  The ‘good diet’ we need does not include processed food, refined sugars and a mass amount of meat.  Each one of these documentaries is massively inspiring and does make me realise we make a choice about our health and how we feel 3 times a day every day.  You really are what you eat, and if you eat nasty, refined, processed foods full of crazy chemicals your insides are going to be screaming for nutrients – how can that be a surprise to anyone?  From moving to a plant-based diet I definitely feel like I  have way more energy and that just makes sense – this isn’t rocket science.  I find it crazy how bad I used to feel and didn’t even realise it.  To quote one of the documentaries above (not sure which!!) “you aren’t supposed to feel tired in the afternoon” – and it makes sense, we aren’t designed to have a post-lunch slump.  I used to regularly be tired after eating lunch, but now I feel great and way more focused.

Someone I know found out I was trying vegan for a month and the first thing they said to me was ‘then what do you eat?’.  It’s quite sad in a way that people don’t know what to eat when you take refined, processed foods and meat out of your diet – no wonder the world is sick and diseased, we simply haven’t been educated well enough in relation to food.  If people want to make poor food choices, then that’s up to them – but is it really fair when they don’t understand the cost of this or don’t understand what their other choices are?  Brands and companies have been allowed to go wild – it’s no wonder people are addicted to this stuff.  Addicted – that’s exactly what we are, I haven’t felt 100% great on this diet since day one, it takes a while to get over your withdrawals to the sorts of food your body has learnt to crave – but I feel like I’m over that hump now and genuinely feel awesome.

Another discovery we made this week was the local veg shop – this is a change we will make every week going forward.  Whilst we will still need to go to Tesco for a few small items it means 80% of our shopping money now doesn’t go to Tesco and it will now go to a local business where the food is so much better.  Despite what you may think – it costs the same – it’s no more expensive than supermarkets and tastes way better.  I was amazed by the variety as well as the quality.  They had everything you would expect and then a bunch of stuff you wouldn’t from pomegranates to kumquats!  I took advantage of the seasonal veg and bought a pumpkin – will make soup out of this later today!

Food This Week

So I’ve missed a lot of days blogging and can’t remember exactly what I ate when but some of the meals we have had that I can remember:-

  1. Fajitas – with home made guacamole – I can honestly say I will never buy guacamole from a shop again, the home made stuff is out of this world, soooo much nicer. Also without the cheese and sour cream this is actually really healthy, we have wholemeal wraps with a filling of mushrooms, peppers and onion with a bit of cayenne and chilli powder on them for the seasoning.  It’s so much good flavour it doesn’t even matter that there is no cheese or sour cream (that’s something I thought I would NEVER say!!).
  2. Cauliflower soup – home made last weekend – not one of my favourites but good for quick food since it made up a batch.
  3. Home made sweet potato wedges (with chili powder on them), broccoli and spinach bites – so the spinach bites were processed from a packet – and to be honest they weren’t very nice, very dry the broccoli and sweet potatoes were amazing though.
  4. Curried carrot and lentil soup – home made by Darren last weekend.
  5. Hummus, beetroot, spinach and falafel pitta breads – these were great for lunch and really simple to make.

fajitas guac


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