1 Month Vegan Challenge – Day 1


Quite excited to get started on this challenge….I’m wondering how long it will take for our vegan super-powers to kick in. I’ve recently taken up Yoga too, so I’m hoping that will fast-track me.

Foolishly, we haven’t cleared out our fridge of eggs and cheese, so opening the fridge this morning was a little bit annoying – must remember to give these to someone today!

Breakfast hasn’t been any different for us, soya milk fruity shakes….yum! Mango, raspberry, avocado, chia seeds, flax seeds and soya milk – takes 2 minutes and keeps me full until lunch.

We’ve had a rare day off with no plans today – so we hiked up Pen Y Fan with a banana and bottle of water this morning. The way down was spent thinking of all the (non-vegan) things I wanted to eat when I got to the bottom, since I was bloody starving! For lunch we had home-made mushroom soup and rye bread with avocado and beetroot on top – this was surprisingly satisfying. It’s made me realise that a lot of my bad food choices (and I’m not just talking non-vegan choices) are down to cravings and convenience. A bit of planning (like the soup I made yesterday ready for today) can easily prevent these poor food choices.


One of the vegan things I’m hating right now … soya milk in tea… I’m going to persevere, but I really can’t see me sticking with this – I think the only way to deal with it will be to cut tea out!


So to round up our first vegan day we had a chickpea & cashew nut curry with brown rice (Thanks to chef Darren) – tasted freaking amazing…so that’s day 1 down with tasty food and a hint of cravings!


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